Project 2- Visual Research 1B


Coming up with slogans was a challenge, to have something that was catchy and still short enough to fit into the 6 words.

Slogans should not be a phrase that is too straightforward, it should be succinct, catchy and leave the reader curious and earn to continue reading. Something too obvious would probably result in the reader reading the slogan, understanding it and moving on, leaving the rest of the poster unread. A slogan should intrigue a reader.

Below are the three slogans that I settled on after coming up with quite a few.

  • beat it before it bites
  • When size doesn’t matter
  • Zika don’t host a free lunch (preventive measure: insect repellant, prevention from being bitten)

Style of the poster(potential)

  • Movie poster (vintage, pop culture, famous movie posters)

Some examples:

  • Minimalistic (use of shapes etc.) 

Some examples:

new york dolls at the little hippodrome, 1975, Swissted

[Above] The Swissted project by Mike Joyce has many minimalistic posters made of geometric shapes, colour and type.

Poster designs by Ross Gunter
Poster designs by Ross Gunter
Poster by Ross Gunter
Poster by Ross Gunter


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