Lore 7- Entertainment


Dealing with the dying earth was not easy for anyone. Life became a lot more meaningless. Joy was a thing of the past. What could anyone look forward to? Not long after entering the dome, The Outskirts became a containment of depression and despair. The mentally weak did not last long, the notion of a dying earth and being permanently contained in the dome really took a toll on them. Suicide was their way out.

Morale worsened every single day in The Outskirts then (in the days after entering the dome). They were reminded daily of the fate of the earth whenever they looked out of the dome (remember that The Outskirts was on the outermost dome and the walls are made of glass). They faced with the same scene everyday, a sky filled with darkness, speckled with the glint of distant stars and light from the Sun. No blue sky, no clouds, and no hope.

Then came a day when the guards went around handing out something to those in The Outskirts, every man, every woman and every child. Tension and feelings of despair disappeared with every breath. It was said to be similar schwag and people welcomed it and the feelings that came with it. Besides the handing out the substance, the air vents would occasionally be filled with its fumes, it was a treat they looked forward to.

No one really knows where the supply comes from but rumour has it that one of the inner domes houses an entire plantation of just pot. The higher grades/qualities are made available to the upper class and the lower grades are given to The Outskirts. The term ‘given’ would have been applicable then but now the term ‘sold’ would be more appropriate. The distribution of the drug slowly seized and can now only be bought on certain days of the month or in the black market. Today, many just spent their days stoned. It was a lot better than feeling depressed anyway.

Lore 6: Celebrations


There aren’t many celebrations in the Voitheia simply because it would be a waste of already limited resources but there is definitely one occasion where there are celebrations.

“We have dedicated the 22nd of December to commemorate the designer of the Voitheia, Charles Williams. One this day, we remember the man who helped mankind live another day. Celebrations will be held in the 23rd inner dome at the Plaza, with Spector as the guest-of-honor”

As part of the Outskirts, you are also entitled to celebrate this occasion. A total of ten people will be taken into the inner dome for the celebration. You are to decide and nominate these ten people amongst yourself but do keep in mind the following:

  1. No one under the age of 15 is allowed
  2. No one over the age of 60 is allowed either
  3. Only those who have never been for the celebration can be nominated, no repeats.
  4. The sick and disabled are not allowed in

According to those who have been to the celebration, almost everyone from the inner domes would be present. There will be a parade with pyrotechnics, something that wouldn’t be used since the entering of the dome. Pyrotechnics or fireworks are banned in the dome as it pollutes the air supply and it damages the contained environment. Exceptions were only made for this celebration, so people really look forward to this biennial event.

Lore 5: Law

 Laws for the Outskirts

  1. No leaving of the Voitheia
  2. No entering of the inner domes
  3. Possession and use of firearms is strictly forbidden
  4. Breakfast and dinner timings are set at 0630 and 1900hrs
  5. Roll call will be done every forth day of the week. You are to be in line at designated area at 0800hrs sharp.
  6. Assault and slander of guards, officials and those of the inner domes will not be tolerated.
  7. Every law and rule passed by Spector is to be followed, compliance is necessary.
  8. Patrolling guards have the final say and you are to follow all their instructions.
  9. No vandalism or alteration is to be done to the Voitheia.
  10. All deaths are to be reported to guards immediately
  11. No entering of dormitories of the opposite sex.
  12. Curfew is at 2100hrs. All to be in dormitories.
  13. All food that is given must be consumed.
  14. No second servings are allowed.
  15. No disposing of food.
  16. No rowdy behavior

Those found to be breaking the law will be taken into custody to await their sentence

Should you suspect anyone is guilty of breaking these laws, you are to report it to the guards immediately. Failure to do so will make you an accomplice and you will be dealt with in the same manner of severity as the accused.

Lore 4- Architecture

The Voitheia is a geodesic dome. The outermost layer of the dome was made of triangular glass panels that have a special coating to reflect all ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. The glass was manufactured to be over half a kilometer thick which now helps to keep all the heat in the dome. The glass is impenetrable and is strong enough to withstand the occasional collisions with meteors.

The Voitheia is the new and improved version of the Biosphere 2 (see image below).

Biosphere 2
Biosphere 2  (www.portal.environment.arizona.edu)

It is significantly bigger and definitely had more success than the Biosphere. This particular building was made such that several other domes within it, you could think of it like an onion, layer after layer, or a Matryoshka doll. Each layer either holds a facility or residences for those of different social status. Below is an image of what one of the inner domes may look like, particularly the safari/zoo area, where natural habitats were recreated. (Imagine a rainforest shrunk in size and placed under a dome, like a terrarium).


Chapter one: Plan B

Today was ‘stock-taking’ day whereby all living in The Outskirts were to be recorded and accounted for by the residing guard at the designated area. The number of people living there was certainly not a small one and roll call took usually over half a day. Everyone was required to stand in line to have his or her details recorded, with the oldest in front. When it came to the end of the line, only the names of six children were called out. There were ten children at the last count. Most of the children were orphans, for some strange reason their parents were taken away by orders of Spector and they never returned. So, no one raised the alarm of anyone missing because no one noticed.

When the sixth child was accounted for, the guards left the outer dome. The crowd stirred and a sense of distress filled the air. One could tell people were uncomfortable with the realization of missing children. Slowly, the crowd dispersed from the area. The community was by no means a close knitted one but it was clear as day that missing children was a sign of danger. When people were taken away, they were taken in full view but this time, there was no sign of movement, no guards, no struggle, no one witnessed anything.

“Bill, something’s not right. They don’t just take children away. They never do,” said Harold, the eldest member of The Outskirts who was now standing next to Bill, waiting for the crowd to move out.

“Harold, you know very well there’s nothing I can do. We just need to sit tight and wait for Spector to return them.” Bill walked away swiftly, increasing his pace with every step. He knew exactly what Harold was hinting at but had not the slightest intention of getting involved. Harold followed Bill’s pace and walked quickly beside him and grabbed him by the arm and said “Bill. Find them. Or we’ll all regret it.” Harold’s voice went cold.

“It’s too risky. We don’t have authorization to enter the inner domes. And even if I wanted to, which I don’t, there’s no way I can do this alone.”

“I’ll find people, form a search party and then will you go? Something just doesn’t feel right. Spector never does anything for no reason. This is our chance to fight back. We’ve been cooped up here long enough; someone needs to take the first step. I’ll go too but you have to lead. You’re younger and filled with fire,” pleaded Harold.

“Fine. You have until midnight to find everyone or we’re not going. Now leave me alone old man.” Bill said as he walked away from Harold.


By the evening, Harold came back with three other individuals, two men and a woman. Bill was sitting in the far end of the canteen, eating, alone. Thee four individuals sat down at the table, sitting opposite Bill. Harold introduced them one-by-one. All were unfamiliar faces to Bill. Crescent was one of them. One of the men was said to be chosen because he was one of the engineers for the Voitheia and he may know the workings of the dome, including the door mechanisms a lot better than anyone present there. His name was Ian, of average height but rather scrawny. The other was the exact opposite from Ian. He was tall and towered over everyone even while seated. He was well built almost three times the size of Ian. After the introductions, the five began to devise a plan for the big move.

“Well Harold, this was your big plan, what do you propose we do first? You’ve brought me a group of strangers, what other brilliant ideas do you have?” said Bill sarcastically.

“We’ll need to arm ourselves or we won’t even make it pass that door. Head out now and find whatever you can. Try to keep it small. The last thing we need is to draw attention from the patrol guards before we even make a move,” snapped Crescent before Harold could answer. She was clearly annoyed at Bill’s tone.

“Alright fine. If we’re going to do this then make sure all of you are committed, we’ve got one shot at this. There is no plan B. Meet back here tomorrow night and we’ll see what you’ve got.”


Make your first move

Your first order of business is to arm yourself. You can of course choose to carry none and go with physical combat but this is not without consequence. Not only will you be risking your own life but also the lives of the others in the group. It is not recommended. Carrying capacity: You may carry up to a maximum of two weapons for now. One in hand and another in your pocket. As of now weapons have to be kept small especially if you have any disabilities to begin with.

You can discard weapons in exchange for better ones when you find them throughout the mission.


The guards in The Outskirts are not heavily armed (no guns or firearms at this point) but they are well built and can take you down easily just by pure strength. The door to the second dome is guarded by three guards during the day and four during the night. Should you choose to take down the guards in the daytime, you might run the risk of alarming everyone, including the guards that may (or may not) be in the second dome. If you choose to move in the night, there are more guards to fight but it is less likely that others will notice you.

There are a couple of ways you can find potential weapons.

There are as follows: the canteen (has the usual set of cutlery. Cooking utensils are speculated to be kept in the kitchen of the canteen which is usually locked. The only time it is open is during the day but there will definitely be guards inside.

Sleeping quarters (all bunk beds are made of solid steel rods that was falling apart, most of which is held together with rope)

You can also choose to make your own weapons from materials you find.

Checking and asking for items from other people around The Outskirts may also work. People often had a secret stash of items that they kept hidden from the guards during spot-checks to avoid confiscation. (You might find a set of Swiss army knives or a derivative of, if you play your cards right) But of course, giving you an item would mean they have become a partner in crime and that thought itself would make borrowing any item challenging. You will need to convince and persuade them.


In Summary

Give a description of how you obtained your weapon and include the reasons for your choice. You may go on this search (for weapons) on your own.

As to whether the group makes a move in during the day or night, both of you will be required to roll the dice. The person with the lowest number will decide when to go.

Lore 3- Authority

The Man in Charge


The Voitheia was designed according to the plans of a man named Charles Williams who had the aim of providing a new home for all living matter with a habitable environment. William naturally would have been the man to take charge of governing the Voitheia, because he owned it. However the poor soul never did live to see the completion of his work. On the day he passed, a man by the name of Spector became his successor. Little is known about Spector, except that he worked closely with Williams on the Voitheia project. Spector was supposedly William’s protégé.

On the 22nd of January 2083, the Voitheia opened its doors to the people. At that time only those who could afford the hefty entry fee could enter so needless to say, only the rich and affluent had access. Before entering the Voitheia, it is necessary for one to declare the following: Their name, gender, age, height and blood type. A blood sample is also drawn for analysis.

In that year, the Earth was close to approaching its death but the environment was still bearable for the majority of people, so most just carried on with their daily lives as per usual, making small changes to accommodate the drop in temperature and change in climate. But of course, a time came when it became too cold and suffocating to remain out in the open and people began considering the importance and necessity of the new building. However, not everyone could afford to enter. People without money were denied entry; they became desperate, frantic and afraid of their impending doom. Things became increasingly chaotic. On the 3rd of March of that same year, the doors of the Voitheia were to be closed and sealed for good, it was the last chance for anyone to enter. There was a stampede and an influx of people who forced their way in. This very group of people now form The Outskirts.

None of the residents in The Outskirts have ever seen Spector. The people living in The Outskirts were seen as the scum of the Voitheia, most wanted to have nothing to do with them and strongly believed they did not deserve to be inside. Spector was thought to be no different from the rest with regard to this matter. He wanted to have nothing to do with this particular group of people. He never once stepped into The Outskirts, there was no reason for him to do so anyway.

There are rules that govern the area. Rules that were made by Spector to maintain, as his guards would say, ‘order’, ‘to keep people in their place’. Spector ruled with an iron fist, compliance goes without saying. Going against his wishes would be suicide. There have been stories about people who once went against him and they were taken away and have not been seen since.

Thursdays were termed as ‘stock-taking’ days by those living in The Outskirts. Every man, woman and child was to be accounted for and the total number recorded by a guard. They had to ensure population numbers were in check. Everyone’s health status was noted as well. The sick and old would be removed from the area, no one knows where to, but the term ‘removed’ may be taken more seriously than expected.

Lore 2- Wildlife

The Animals of the Voitheia

The Voitheia was made for all living matter, not just humans. This was to ensure that the ecosystem would not be thrown off balance from the sudden removal of animal species. Animals were brought into the building but due to space constrains and finite resources, only a limited number of each species were brought in. Bringing in additional living things into the Voitheia means sharing of resources such as food, water and air or you could also see it as extra competition, less resources for yourself. A large number of animals could bring about a significant decrease in oxygen levels in the area as well as increasing chances of disease, all of which would decrease the success of survival of the Voitheia.

The animals were brought into the two of the many inner domes (4th and 5th layer from the outer) and were out of sight from The Outskirts. It is said that within one dome, there contained every single species one would find in that continent. The dome created for the animals (wildlife) is further subdivided into different areas that mimicked the original habitat of a particular group of animals. For example, (in the North American Voitheia) a forest habitat was created to house black bears, snowshoe hares and blackpoll warblers just to name a few.

This dome also served as the zoo or safari for the Voitheia and all from the inner domes have full access to this zoo. The people in The Outskirts had no share in this. It was a place of attraction. Places of attraction and other facilities were included in the building in the hopes of adding normalcy into the whole idea of the building. A sense of familiarity was needed in the dome and was done so by incorporating these features that used to be present in society before Earth began to die out.

As for livestock, they were kept in another dome. Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens were some of the few livestock found in this dome and were kept for the sole purpose of providing food. The dome for livestock is a lot less elaborate for the main purpose was to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for the animals. Calculations were constantly done to ensure that more resources (produce) would be gained rather than lost through the rearing of the animals. Should there come a time when livestock numbers grew too large and more resources were being used up, the numbers would have to be cut and slaughtering would commence. Resources here are finite and priority will always be given to mankind instead of the animals.

Lore 1 Continued- The Voitheia

The Backstory. How the end started.

There had been in increase in the number of auroras observed. They were bright, brighter than ever seen before and were even visible during the day. The auroras were also being observed more frequently at lower latitudes which would have been considered rare in the past since they were known to only occur at higher latitudes. This was all very unusual but many thought nothing of it. But as quickly as the auroras came, they left. Not a single aurora has been observed since then. It was not three years later that a theory surfaced that the irregular behavior of the auroras observed was a foreshadowing of a waning magnetosphere.

The Earth had been experiencing an acceleration in planetary cooling which eventually led to the weakening of its magnetic field. It is known that this magnetic field is what creates the magnetosphere and without it, the magnetosphere that protects Earth from the Sun’s solar winds would slow disappear. This was also the reason auroras were no longer observed. The lack of a magnetosphere meant no auroras could be produced. The lack of auroras however would be the least of mankind’s problems.

Solar winds from the Sun are not uncommon and Earth was never significantly affected by the winds but that was when the magnetosphere was still present. As the magnetosphere slowly disappeared, solar winds began to strip away Earth’s atmosphere. The charged particles (electrons, protons, etc.) in the solar wind were ridding the atmosphere of water vapor and carbon dioxide. It was taking away the very thing that made Earth habitable.

The lack of an atmosphere means heat is no longer retained around the planet, temperatures will start dropping drastically beyond freezing point. All remaining bodies of water (whatever has not been removed by the solar winds) will freeze entirely. Water will no longer be readily available in the liquid form (much like it is on Mars now). When temperatures drop, you might expect hail or snow but that would not be the case. Rain, snow, hail will never be formed. Think climate of Antarctica but without the snow and ice, it would just be dry land and the cold, like a desert. Global warming would start looking like a favorable thing here.

Air will become scarce and air pressure drops, and finally no oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen or any gas will be present on Earth. Breathing will become almost impossible on Earth. In short, try to imagine what would happen if right now there was no air, no carbon dioxide and you could no longer breath normally, you will start gasping for air, cyanosis of the face occurs, your pulse rate increases until you final cave in and suffocate. And that is longer the tip of the iceberg. The ozone will be destroyed making Earth susceptible to ultraviolet rays that decomposes water molecules and not to mention the effects of UV rays on living things. Long term exposure or high levels of radiation would probably lead to genetic mutation that could be passed on through generations, disease would be imminent.

As of today, Earth is without a magnetic field, no magnetosphere and is left the remnants of atmospheric gas waiting to be swept away by the next wave of solar winds. Cloud watching would be a thing of the past because they no longer form and the sky no longer carries any colour, be it blue during the day or red during a sunset, colourless. Should you survive the harsh conditions for any reason and were to look up to sky, you would be staring straight into the depths of space and be faced with darkness speckled with distant stars and neighbouring planets. Stars would not ‘twinkle’ defying the nursery rhyme you grew up hearing because the atmosphere is missing. During the day, you will be faced with the full face of the sun against a black sky. Life would never thrive or even survive on a planet like this.


Additional character information

A brief description of your character’s appearance as well as their temperament.

Whether your character is left or right handed.

Lore 1- The Voitheia

The Voitheia


It is the year 2098. Earth has become the new Mars. Earth has become a desert. It is no longer able to sustain life. Mankind was not able to find another habitable planet in time before Earth lost almost all of its atmosphere, water and everything else that made it suitable for life to flourish. In order to survive on Earth, the very first Voitheia was built. There are seven other identical buildings that were constructed around the world, two in Asia and one each in Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australia.

They were built as a form of refuge for mankind as Earth entered its dying days. Each Voitheia was dome shaped and encases its very own ecosystem where all life forms are able to survive and sustain themselves without ever needing to leave the dome. The first Voitheia built, which is situated in North America is currently led by a man by the man of Spector. No one knows what he looks like, they have never seen him before, only felt the effects of his decisions and his power. As with any society, there is a hierarchy that has to be established, and Spector, he is on the top of the hierarchy. The strong, rich and powerful are ranked below him while the weak and poor are naturally pushed to the bottom. A caste system would be another way of looking it.

The dome was built much like a matryoshka doll (more commonly known as the Russian doll). Within the large dome of the Voitheia lies several other layers, one within another. Each caste is allocated a layer. A person with a higher social standing would be situated on the inner domes while those with the lowest social standing are banished to the outermost dome termed ‘The Outskirts’. No one from a lower standing can enter into the inner domes. All entrances are locked and guarded.

Recently a number of children from The Outskirts have gone missing causing quite a disturbance in the outer dome. However, an uproar or riot was not an option here since a lack of order would prompt the guards to restrain and punish anyone who was seen to be acting unruly. A unanimous decision was made on the quiet by all in that dome to search for these children. The search party that was created included two individuals who grew up outside the Voitheia but joined the dome when it was no longer safe to remain out in the open. Both had been part of Voitheia for as long as it existed which was approximately fifteen years.


Characters (the two individuals)

Name: (A full name is not required, you may choose to give a nickname instead if you wish)


Age: (26< Age< 50)






+Leaving the Voitheia is not an option, it will lead to immediate death.

+Once you decide to leave the current (outer) dome into the inner dome, you are not allowed to return to the outer dome until your goal is completed.