A Journey through the carpark (Preview)

A Surveillance. Draft of all drafts

This video is just a preview, it really is the draft of all drafts. It does not include any audio, I’m still working on that. I have yet to edit the photos too in terms of brightness and saturation etc. I also realised some of the photos aren’t that good so I might have to change them.

With regard to my previous post, this preview strays a little bit away from my initial idea of a ‘documentary’. (I’m still trying to work it out.) This video covers a different aspect, one that involves the issue of privacy. It is really quite experimental. I was trying out After Effects, trying to mimic surveillance camera footage and decided to try it out in my video.

The issue I had with the documentary idea is that I am completely terrified of using voiceover, to me it seems like a make or break thing. Finding a suitable voice would also be a problem.  I find that in some occasions, the voiceover could overpower the visuals and I don’t want that. I’d much rather have the photos speak for themselves, though I know I run the risk of nobody knowing what’s going on in the video. I guess that’s for me to figure out. I might try to incorporate the ‘surveillance’ footage and my photos with captions instead of voice overs.

Password: MSCP

Link to video draft: https://vimeo.com/140383897