Project 1a Research: Fleshlettes (WARNING; DISTURBING IMAGES)


The Original 6 Fleshlettes, Jonathan Payne

Portia, Jonathan Payne

Fleshlette, Jonathan Payne

Fleshlette, Jonathan Payne

Jonathan Payne is an artist who does sculptures and stop motion art.

Jonathan Payne is also an artist who specializes in mixing body parts together to form horrific mutations that looks absolutely real. He makes use of human hair, polymer clay and acrylics to form his sculptures.

When he introduced his new grotesque concept of art, he explained that each of his Fleshlette sculptures had names and personalities. For example, one could sing, while another could type at 90wpm despite having a pungent smell.

My greatest apologies to those who were affected by the disturbing images.

Project 1a: Strange Encounter


Pughoof, Peekacious and Blob-Barry. Created by Joey Chan (Strange Encounter Project 1a)

The world that I have woken up to is one that is similar to a post-apocalyptic dystopia. It has been centuries, and radiation has taken over the world. The human race is scarce, and animals who survived suffered from strange mutations that may or may not assist in their survival. The world has become one that is difficult to distinguish ally and enemy. The story talks about bonding between my three new friends and I, as we embark on an adventure of friendship and survival. My three new friends are Pughoof the pig-horse-mutant, Peekacious the spider mutant and Blob-Barry the blobfish mutant. My idea is derived from how fear is usually the most straightforward emotion we feel which triggers our senses that we do not belong in a certain place. Hence, the characters I meet are freaky and creepy at first, making one feel that they want to run away from them. However, as time goes on, we realize how the different characters have flaws that are compensated by each other’s strengths, and trust and bonds are built through helping one another.