Research Critique 2


A Normal Day for a Normal Girl doing a Normal Activity by Tanya and Joey

Tanya and I worked on a project revolving around a normal girl doing a normal activity (Studying, surfing the net, etc.) on a normal day. It all sounds very normal, but there is a certain intimacy in this normal moment. We believed that but portraying a personal and private moment, we are recreating Third Space; a virtual platform consisting the fusion of the physical and remote space for displaying any ideas.

We break down the walls of a physical environment in the same way as Third Space does; this scene is not something someone would willingly show to other people and is meant only for themselves, yet they may post about it on social media, a Third Space.

We further reinforce this invasion of privacy by recreating the girl’s activities with two people; Tanya being the face of the girl, and me being the one who controls what she does. Despite being in two different places, we can recreate a moment of intimacy, reinforcing how Third Space allows us to form intimacy through exposure.

As Maria Chatzichristodoulou mentions, “the absence of textual narrative and the focus on movement and visuals made such explorations more intuitive.” Without any text or verbal communications, we have to coordinate our actions based on instincts and careful mirroring.

This is also a ‘fracturing of perception’, as Randall Packer has mentioned. There is a distinction of being in the first (Me) and second (Tanya) perspective, yet also simultaneously depicting the same scene. Third Space allows this distortion to happen, like watching a reality show on TV.