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Joey Chan Ker En // jouzenki


#1 Biography (200 words max):

Beneath a bubbly persona, Singapore-based interactive media designer and programmer, Joey, has dabbled in various artistic mediums ranging from web coding to hardware electronics. Working primarily with interactive installations and web programming, she has also explored game design and UX/UI. Joey is just like a normal person like any other passerby, but behind that exterior is an almost radical idealist. She is willing to chain up her professors in a metal box or make her friends walk through barb wires, if it is to achieve profound meaning in her absurd pieces. However, these bold and wild projects often convey a softer and more sensitive commentary on the world, her latest projects relating to animal abuse and societal pressure. Joey’s artworks places focus on achieving raw emotions, breaking through the wall known as the common conservative societal opinion. 


#2 Biography (200 words max):

Beneath a bubbly and joyous persona, Joey is a bold up and coming artist who is willing to chain up her professors in a box or get her friends to walk through barbed wires to achieve profound meaning in her artworks. Working primarily with interactive installations and devices, she proficient in getting  participants to internalise raw powerful emotions by getting them to experience the artworks first hand. Within her artworks however, there is always a softer meaning and purpose. From teaching participants about animal abuse to teaching participants about the hardships of life, they leave her artworks a better and wiser person. When not creating radical artworks, Joey is a normal human being who spends her days doing everyday mundane tasks like the rest of the world whilst thinking of extraordinary ideas.


Link to sample of your work + Short Description:

<Child’s Best Friend: MORRIE> is a handheld interactive substitute pet which aims to teach children how to treat their pets with proper care. It encourages children to learn how to care for them before getting a real pet.

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Link to an example of a work that inspires you/ impacted you:

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Passage (2016) by Anthony Gormley @ www.antonygormley.com

Passage (2016) by Anthony Gormley was one of the inspirations which opened the world of weirdness to me. It is a very long passage which is shaped in a human, and people can walk through the passage. However, walking further into it will cause slight claustrophobia as you are unable to move as you please in the tunnel, and can only move forward or backwards. This constricts freedom, and creates a trapped atmosphere for the participant. It taught me that creating art does not have to be comfortable for the audience, as long as it is thought-provoking. Comfort is not number 1 in art; it is how immersive it can and how it pushes your mental boundaries which makes art so successful.