Once Upon A Huh? 2 | Update #3


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I didn’t do a lot

But I have been struggling quite a bit with the coding even though I know it is supposed to be easier than whatever I have currently done but I guess I just ain’t smart enough yet-

But here is Update #3 nevertheless! Or was it #2?

For this week, I made the following changes to my original Midterm project code:

  1. Change the background from plain white to Gradient Pastel Pink to Grey, which happens upon scroll.
  2. Change the music to the fluffy music I have intended to use.
  3. Amended some of the alignment for the text.
  4. Change Feather icon to disappear after clicking instead of remaining, since I changed the story to a full page scroll rather than a click-to-advance-to-next-section-while-hiding-previous-section method.
  5. Bolded the options, to make it more obvious that you are supposed to click on it.
  6. Make a timer appear upon revelation of the options for the urgent choices, failure of which to do so will advance a fourth option instead.


However, I faced quite a few issues that I have no idea how to fix…

  1. I made my timer and options fade away after an option is chosen, or after the fourth option appears. However, I realized this made the rest of the options and timers disappear completely, probably because of the id or class I have called in my code. Still not sure how to resolve this though… I don’t want to have to make a separate javascript timer for each timer I use because I’m pretty sure there’s an easier way to do it…
  2. For the gradient scroll, I hope for the grey to happen only at the ending parts but because I don’t know the exact length of my story, I can’t do that. But I am quite happy with the current gradient because when you scroll up, the gradient stays.
  3. I haven’t put in a third option.
  4. I am only 1/3 through my narrative but I think things will be faster once I nail down the coding.
  5. Still having some alignment issues between each interactive element with regards to the spacing. I know it has something to do with the display: none or display: block but it didn’t seem to work but I hope I can fix it soon….

And sooo I will be continuing to work on my project. 🙂 Hopefully I can fix all the coding issues by next week (W11), and then finish the narrative by the following week (W12) and have the finished website by Week 13.



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