Once Upon A Huh? 2 | Update #4


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I feel like a sloth because I did not manage to accomplish super a lot. But I really did try….

So just want to update for this week!

I tried realllllly hard to fix the timer issue I had on my code… but I still could not. I think I did make a little bit of progress, which is finally making the second timer appear at where it is supposed to be! The problem came in when the timer does not move even though I have referenced so much to the code Prof. provided me with and also by changing so many elements on my javascript and html files that I am about to go mad. In the end, I decided to go with just one time-based element in my project.

I finished my story and the options that follows the narrative, though! 😀 I am happy. Week 11/12 will be tidying up the narrative and adding the narrative to the code to finish the project. I will also have to draw the images used in the project.

As my project is meant to be a Demo as to what an interactive choose-your-own-adventure story can be like, and also due to very tight time constraints, I decided to cut down on what I have initially proposed while retaining the concept of my work.

Chapter Breakdown:

Chapter 0: Prologue

Normal Storyline; it is just an introduction.

Chapter 1: The Ball

There is a choose-your-option section here, but there is only 1 option for each choice. This is to subvert expectations, where I make it seem like there is only one choice per option, which will be different later on.

Chapter 2: The Dress

Over here, there is a choose-your-option section too, but the selection is a picture for each option. Each picture will lead to 3 possible narratives that can continue from the chosen option. This is different from the first one, where the reader only has 1 narrative to derive from each option.

Chapter 3: The Rebellion

Here, there is a choose-your-option section with 3 narratives tied to each option. However, the options are text, not an image.

Chapter 4: The Day

Over here, there is choose-your-option section but with a timer. If the reader does not decide within 20 seconds, a fourth option will be triggered. Over here, the point is to express how there is a timer, so I only put 2 possible narratives for each option.

Chapter 5: Epilogue

Finally, the last part! Over here, I decided to tease the reader. Because they don’t really get to decide how the narrative flows in the middle sections of the story, I am giving the reader a final chance to truly “decide” the ending of the story based on their own choice of judgment. However, it is ironic and a shame, because the last decision they truly have control over, is not really very significant to the ending of the story… only entertaining.


That’s all for this week! I will not be posting the narrative so teehee.