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My Personal Objectives: To Overwhelm and subvert the 5 senses and one’s perception


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<The Venting Room>, also affectionately coined by me as <“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!”> is essentially a room for people to… vent. However, it is not just any normal venting room like the Fragment Room, but one that is reliever from the pressure of school and social expectations. To blend together with a social construct.

The objective of my object is to represent the pressure of meeting expectations.

How do you live life? What must you do to be constituted as “correct”? No, you cannot do this! No, you cannot do that! You must do this! Have you finished your homework! You are only a good boy if you finish studying for 10 hours per day! You have to behave yourself in front of others! You must always be nice even if people offend you!


If life was made to be full of rules, then I will break them all!!

The Venting Room is split into three partitions; the Study, the Classroom, and the Networking Room. Through all rooms, there will be a fixed music playing in the background featuring really annoying nagging about social constructs e.g. “Have you done your homework? Do you want to sign up for this extra tuition class? Bobby have one mark higher than you for this exam eh, why are you so useless? Omg you know Vivian has this superrr rich boyfriend who buys her everything and drives a Maserati, what are you doing with your life?” etc.

Start, 3:11-4:55

The Study

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In the Study, there will be a single table, a single chair, a clock overhead, and propaganda school posters such as “Every School is a Good School!” There will be several assessment books and stationery in the room as well.

The Study or the bedroom is a place where an individual has to stay in most of the time to study and study and study without taking a break just because their parents say so. “Study until you become doctor, don’t talk to me until you doctor.” Heard of this phrase?

Screw studying though, why not just thrash everything and scream!

The Classroom

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There will be a single chalkboard in the room (just cardboard with acrylic paint actually…) and there will be chalk available for scribbling on the board.

Yadda, yadda… solve the sums on the board, and if I don’t I will be scolded as being stupid or assumed that I’m not paying attention in class even though I just don’t understand how to do it… then I get kicked out of class and sent to detention because of it.


The Networking Session

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It is a room filled with balloons, party poppers and confetti strings, which is representative of the high life, parties and celebrations. It is the place where most social gatherings take place at.

This is the place where social obligations take place! If you turn up for these events, you give people a chance to insult you and what you have been doing with life while they show off their niece’s 5th husband who gave her 3 BMWs for her birthday. If you don’t turn up, people will think that you are rude, or that you are too ashamed to turn up because you are not doing well in life and don’t want people to question it. You don’t have a choice anyway, so why not go there and make a ruckus?

With these three rooms set up, the goal is to VENT! One goes into each room, stepping into the shoes of a tired and fed up student and young person who has to deal with life. One is expected to do the things that makes the person great in societal’s expectations and acceptance. But what if you subvert their expectations and ruin everything and tell them to screw off?

With this subversion of logic and theory, one can go into this interactive space and indulge in the annoyance and irritation they feel from the nagging and the mundane, dull yet familiar space they see. This is an opportunity for them to feel release and feel pleasure upon doing the things they obviously cannot do in a real setting (or else they will get arrested for vandalism or property damage or something). The room will not be reset after the first person. The next person can come and view the damage that has been done by the first person, and add on to the damage caused. By not resetting the room, it will give the next audience an insight of how the previous participant felt, and how he viewed “venting” as. In a sense, this is an analogue open sourced project for causing property damage together…

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This one in a lifetime opportunity to ruin the place that gives you the most misery is here!! Be sass, do your best, and be yourself!


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