FYP Idea Generation | 2-3 Ideas


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Idea #1: VR Visual Novel

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Image result for VR horror

  • VR Environmental Storytelling
  • Hidden Nightmares/ Dating Sims/ the Horror around you
  • 3D/2D Elements around the scene, where you can access backgrounds and the environment before proceeding with the story
  • Unreal Engine/ Unity3D

Idea #2: Unimagined Animals; the world in 2000 years due to climate change

Image result for animal evolution in the future

Image result for animal evolution in the future

  • Adapting to Climate Change
  • A fight for survival, especially in the decreasing natural space (Savannah, Arctic, Rainforests, etc.)
  • Animal Instincts increases, leading to greater intelligence. (Defiant Eye; Zoo [Netflix])
  • Physical manifestations and construction of creatures using 3D printing and Arduino (Interactive)

Idea #3: Interactive Storytelling + Environmental Storytelling + Interactive Storybook

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Image result for interactive story book

  • Interactive Storybook
  • Either through VR, where every page flipped will trigger a storytelling scene, OR
  • Physical, electronic book where elements will physically move every time the page is flipped. Kind of like a puppet show.
  • Arduino (Physical) or Unreal Engine/ Unity3D (Virtual) versions
  • Can also consider storytelling as a Visual Novel (So Idea #1 + #3)