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Week 2 has better progress!

I managed to fix up some of the errors I have faced after chugging a whole cup of homemade starbucks coffee.

Errors I managed to fix:

  • Having 2 clickable options that will fade after the person interacting has clicked one of the options. Originally, I planned to have 3 options but due to time constraint, I shall stick to just 2 options, just like Bandersnatch by Black Mirror.

Over here, there are two examples of how the options might appear. The reader just has to click on one of the options.

  • Having the paragraph that is the option selected by the reader to appear below where the options originally was. Turns out that this was just a dumb mistake where I forgot to separate the divisions in my code…

For the first instance, clicking on any one of the options will lead to the selected narrative being displayed, while the options that were provided would disappear. Secretly, the two options actually draw their answers from the same random array so clicking either of the options actually don’t really matter…. you will still end up with a random answer from the rojak of options available behind these options.

For the second instance, it is just like the first instance. The options will eventually disappear leading to the story continuing without options shown. However, in order to prevent the reader from clicking on the options in the wrong order, the displayed format will not be used. Instead, the next options page will be displayed on another page rather than on the same page.

Here is the amended code for the random sentence generator for javascript.

Here is the amended HTML code for the appearance of the options.

Here is the amended javascript code for the appearance of the options.


Overall I am very happy with my progress for this week! This means that I have the less code-tedious things to finish for this week and I will be ready for Week 7.

Things I have left to do:

  • Aesthetics
  • Narration/ Storyline/ Options


Time to cri.

One thought on “Generative Art First Iteration | Progress Report 2 | Once Upon a Huh?

  1. dejan.grba

    Good work Joey, and well prepared progress update!

    Two-option selection is all right, of course, that is as long as there is more than one option offered for selection, the intended illusion of coherent logic is projected on the visitor/reader.

    Keep it up!

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