4D Exercise 1: Scale and Framing feat. Norafizah

I forgot to upload this exercise. Oops. Here are some experiments in photography featuring my friend Fizah.

Fizah the successful

This is a low-angle body shot that makes the subject look prominent and confident. In the background, the ADM windows suggest futuristic corporate buildings, as though Fizah is making her way through the corporate world; the colors of the photo are also strong, bold, and stable. The overall impression is of a successful young woman.

Fizah the vulnerable

Here we have a close-up of Fizah at eye level, which lends more intimacy and humanity to the image. Fizah is silhouetted against a distant, brighter landscape, and there is a large negative space in front of her head, suggesting an internal emotional or mental landscape. Her expression is downcast, vulnerable, and lost in thought.

Fizah the immersed

In my final shot, Fizah is silhouetted and subsumed by the screen in front of her. Together with her, we are drawn into the brightly lit screen that contrasts with its dark surroundings. It could be said that Fizah becomes a proxy for the viewer, inviting us to project ourselves onto her, or to sit beside her and watch the animation on the screen.

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