E.I. Project: The Lost Treasure of Processing Castle (Proposal)

The Lost Treasure of Processing Castle is a 3D dungeon crawler made with Processing.

Team members: Kee Yong, Nicholas, Su Yang


In TLTPC, the player is an adventurer seeking gold and glory in the mysterious Processing Castle. They must navigate a 3D environment, implemented in a grid-like map, collecting treasure and defeating monsters. Once the player reaches the end of the level, they are awarded a score based on the time taken to complete the level and the amount of treasure collected.


  • TLTPC will use the P3D renderer to create the environment of Processing Castle. We will implement the map in a similar fashion to Wolfenstein 3D.
  • The map will be defined as a X-Z grid of cubes.
    • Each square can be solid (impassable) or hollow (passable).
    • Each square also has a texture associated with it, which is used to draw its side.
  • There will be also be scenery in Processing Castle displayed as sprites, such as candlesticks and piles of bones.


  • The W key moves the player forward.
  • The S key moves the player backward.
  • The A key causes the player to turn left.
  • The D key causes the player to turn right.
  • The Q key causes the player to strafe left.
  • The E key causes the player to strafe right.
  • The Spacebar key causes the player to attack with their sword.
  • The Left Shift key causes the player to block with their shield.
  • The player has a Health percentage (out of 100%). Taking damage will cause Health to be lost. The game ends if the player runs out of Health.
    • The screen flashes red when the player takes damage. The player is invulnerable for a short period after taking damage.
  • The player has a Stamina Meter. Stamina is used when the player attacks or blocks. If the player lacks sufficient Stamina, they can’t attack or block. Stamina regenerates when the player is not attacking or blocking.


  • Items can be found around Processing Castle. They are displayed as sprites on the ground.
  • Treasure: When you walk over treasure, it disappears and the treasure amount is added to your score. There are different treasure items, each representing a different amount of score value.
  • Health Potion: When you walk over a Health Potion, a percentage of your Health is refilled.
  • Key: When you walk over a Key, a corresponding Door on the level is removed from the level, causing its square to become passable.


  • Enemies are hostile creatures that can be found wandering Processing Castle. They appear as 2D sprites.
  • There are various enemy types, each with a different appearance and behavior.
  • Enemies will attempt to impede the player by attacking and reducing their Health.
  • When the player blocks an enemy attack, the enemy is stunned for a short duration and stops moving or attacking.
  • Types of enemies:
    • Ooze. Slowly approaches. Doesn’t do anything. Waits to get hit. If you walk into it you take damage. Dies in one hit.
    • Skeleton. Is dead but is not dead. Make it dead. Walks towards you with a club to smack you. Dies in two hits.
    • Skeleton Knight. Also not dead. Probably should be dead too. Has armour and a greatsword. Pretty tough cookie. Dies in four hits.
    • Will-0-wisp. Smol and fast. It charges towards you at high speeds. Pretty annoying. Try blocking. Dies in one hit.
    • Goblin Slinger. Has a lot of pebbles. Every last one aspires to be David. Flings pebbles at you. Dies in one hit.
    • Dragon. The Boss. Spawns when you have obtained enough treasure. Breathes fire. Has many fancy attacks. Eats fools like you for breakfast. Kill it during lunch. Dies in fifty hits.

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