History of Design: Bauhaus

Here is my creative response for the Bauhaus presentation, titled “Singalluminati.”

The Bauhaus was part of a political discussion about the future of Europe. While the USSR is long gone and the “Red Scare” has passed, political discourse is more relevant than ever in today’s era of income inequality, corporate lobbying, and “fake news.”

We are often told that Singapore is a meritocracy, but do we choose the best governors or just the ones that look best on paper? Singaporean politics is dominated by elite school graduates and “paper generals,” picked for their resumes rather than their battlefield prowess. Everyone at the top is related: for a “meritocracy,” this is a society where wealth and connections can get you far. And the one-party government infamously does not tolerate dissent.

Singapore was built on a shaky foundation and the seams are beginning to show. As artists, it is our job to question the state of things and confront the “Singalluminati” so that Singaporeans can have a real conversation about our future.

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