Interactive 1: Bodystorming Reflection

Christine has uploaded her own version of the reflections with accompanying videos, which can be found here (pending).

Reflecting on the bodystorming session last week, I think we have a solid core gameplay idea, but we need to fine-tune the running and automation of the game.

  • In this playtest, I used a placeholder story framing the participants as thieves trying to steal important files. Music, narration, and lighting helped to convey the atmosphere. Playtesters responded positively to this, so we should use more of it.
  • Playtesters noted that the counting down between “phase shifts” was too predictable and should be dropped.
  • Playtesters also noted that the game became stale after a while. This suggests that we need to introduce more elements as the game goes on, change the rules midway, or evolve the play area to shake things up.
  • We did not establish a time limit which led to the playtesters becoming confused and asking “how long does this go on for?” We should probably set a clear limit or countdown timer in the future.

Overall, the things we should explore as we develop this project are:

  • Increase unpredictability, perhaps through automation or changing the game rules.
  • Emphasize the atmospheric elements of the game.

We should also try to polish our game pieces (such as the treasures being collected) for a more finished looking product.

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