3D Project 1: Pandora’s Box – Sketch Models

I will confess, I don’t really get Foundation 3D class. We seem to be exploring three-dimensional forms and how we perceive them, except instead of working with clay sculpting or CAD software, we’re restricted to wedging three boxes of varying sizes on top of each other. There’s abstract sculpture, and then there’s… well. How do you express anything with three boxes? I feel like I’m missing the point of these exercises.

In any case, the theme I’ve been assigned to convey through my box arrangement is — wait for it — ZING.

Sorry, Big Bang Theory fans.

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4D Project 1: Picture Story – Curating Self

Over the past two weeks, we were given 3 photography tasks to complete. Each task required us to take 3 photos revolving around a certain theme:

  • Task 1: expressing something about yourself.
  • Task 2: studying an object.
  • Task 3: studying a place.

Seemed easy enough. Right? How hard could it be to take a series of photos?

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2D Research: Franz Kline

For my first post I’m supposed to talk about an artist I’ve been inspired by — one of the sample artists provided as reference for our first project, “My Line is Emo.” I’ve decided to go with Franz Kline.

“Untitled” by Franz Kline. Original image from Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 4.0

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