Contextual Analysis

  Rubbing of the stele commemorating Christianity in China Stele: China, Xi’an, 781 (Tang Dynasty); stone, height 279 cm; Beilin Museum, Xi’an    Before doing further research on the information of early Christianity carried by this particular object, there are lots of aspects that could be appreciated from the object itself. The form of the object itself is interesting. The materials… Read more →

Week 9 – Free Writing

Mother-of-pearl Casket. India, Gujarat, 16th Century. Mother-of-pearl, gilded silver, wood.   The first thought that came into my mind when I saw this particular casket was, “Whoa that’s something that you would find in the Game of Thrones set.” Because the plaques make it looks like as if dragon scales adorned the casket instead of mother-of-pearl.  It looks very ancient and… Read more →

Applied Illustration – More Progress

Here are all my attempts for this assignment. For poster, as you know from the previous post, I already came up with the final one. But before reaching that point, I got lot’s of trials and errors.   Yep, that’s a lot. I didn’t pick them because they lack the idea of ‘reverse’. The only thing reversed is the ‘Reversed… Read more →

Applied Illustration – Progress

    I honestly am panicking. I’m super stuck lmao. I really want to make name cards for each guest with paper cut dolls. I brainstormed a lot for this name cards. Here are some of my sketches on ideas.     Tbh still stuck lol. Then I drew the illustrations that I will use for most of the items.… Read more →

Editorial Illustration – Final Outcome

Finally, I finished my second assignment YAY! I’m so happy it turned out great and more than what I expected. I learned a lot from this project :DD.   The theme I chose is ‘obsession’ and I went to the 50s cartoon direction. As you can see, it’s about the obesity because of junk food.       That’s all! Thanks! Read more →

Editorial Illustration – Pencil Composition

After all those research, I came up with my initial compositions. I admit that they are pretty direct since I initially didn’t really take satire illustrations as a consideration. I was more into the style and story-telling, which did not represent the irony. So after some class sessions, I found an idea. That is to portray a quote into the… Read more →

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