Applied Illustration – Ideas and Inspiration

Okay, honestly I looked forward to this project a lot. Because, first of all, I (think I) have passion in viscomm. And second, I’m sick of animation projects lately so this project is a gateway for me to both escape animation and be productive!

So we are required to come up with an event and design the merchandises etc. for the event. This is probably the most viscomm thing I’m doing so far tbh.


I decided to use an event called ‘reversed day’ where everything in that event is reversed (in any posibble way you could think of!). Ok, you might think ‘hmmm, this sounds familiar’. Well, YES, I DID GOT THIS FROM SPONGEBOB OK. There, I said it. I just thought that it would be interesting for such event became a real event in real life event. Here’s the episode if you’re curious btw.



Ok back to the topic. So the idea is that reversed day is like a normal party. I wanted to make it a super chill event, where people just casually hangout with people, drinking beer and there would be a dancing session on the dance floor etc etc. EXCEPT, all the participants are required to wear clothes that are the opposite of their respective gender. Yep, guys wear ladies high heels and ladies wear guys tux. So all you need to remember is that, it’s a surreal and funny event and participant’s need to keep in mind that ‘today is REVERSED day’. A yes might be a no and left might be right.


For this event, I wanted to go to surreal, stylized illustration for this project. I was inspired by various artist that I found on pinterest.


Marie Bretin



Terry Runyan




And then, here are some applied illustration design that I would like to go for.


   Resultado de imagen para botanical vintage illustrations

Floral Graphic Design Elements  Torelló - Brut Special Edition #packaging designed by Enric Aguilera Asociados -


As you can see, my color pallette is simply black and white, to enhance the idea of REVERSED.

Yep that’s all for now. Thanks!



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