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Neighbourhood Explorer – Process and Final Outcome

First of all, the colors. The four main colors are pink, blue-ish turquoise (?), white, and brown. But, for the brown color, it’s more for the foods, because most desserts I feature are all brown. First of all the characters. I thought a lot about this one. I was thinking to make two characters, one guy and one girl. But… Read more →

Neighbourhood Explorer – Research and Inspiration

So as you probably saw my previous posts, my idea is basically a zine talking about good desserts you can get in Serangoon. Done some research to find some inspirations for this zine.   Initial Ideas Actually, my first idea was to draw each desserts using watercolor. Then, give some reviews and locations. But, then, I myself am not confident… Read more →

4D II Final Project Proposal

Objective The idea is to show how people are connected through a single theme. In this installation, we use the theme of ‘accompany’, showing how everyone experiences ‘accompany’ in their own different ways, yet this experience can be shared universally through literature.   Relationship between content and form The theme ‘accompany’ is the most basic need for human beings. It… Read more →

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