Editorial Illustration – Ideas and Research

From the 3 themes for Varoom Magazine cover, I chose the ‘Obsession’ theme. And obesity is the type of obsession that I would like to represent in my illustration.

First of all I had several ideas and did some research. I want to go to a 50s Cartoon illustration, which is hyperbole, a bit disturbing, but cute at the same time. I think such style would suit my concept. Tbh, I’m also curious to experiment with this style of drawing, to improve my drawing skills more.

I found this particular artist who creates illustration in this particular style. His name is Shawn Dickinson.  He’s a cartoonist who specialize in creepy yet attractive art works with his 50s cartoon style. His illustratons are rather interesting since he combines modern techniques with vintage works. His use of colours also giving off the 50s vibe.



Also, did a bit of research on satire illustrations. This type of illustrations represents ironic or hyperbole illustrations that usually tried to quip social/political topics that’s going on. The way satire artists represent the problems are indirect, however, easy to catch on. It’s a bit provoking, but also interesting and funny to look at.


So, here is the mood board for my editorial illustration (did I do this right?). Not sure if it made sense or not, but I tried :’).

So, anyways, I did some sketches for my initial ideas.

Next up, pencil compositions!

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