Exhibition Review

During recess week, all of us went to the Art Science Museum. I never went there before. But I knew the building since it is famous for its unique form. I’ve always wanted to go there and finally I got a chance to do so! And what’s better is that the school paid for us HAHAH.

Into The Wild

At first, we were given a phone with a specific app. We hold the phone as if it became our own vision. It was a 360-degree app, so we could see our surroundings as we walk. The app takes place in a forest. There are some animals and lots of plants. This app leads us to places and asks us to do some mini tasks. It was very interesting such that we felt like were in the forest. In the end, we collect a seed and plant it. This app gives a message to us that we people should appreciate nature more. Especially since now there are lots of endangered species for both flora and fauna.



NASA Exhibition

Then there’s this NASA exhibition, which is super dope. They show us like from the very first time when humans tried to find out what’s out there. From the very first rocket to the rockets we have now. Also, there are space suits and the necessities to go to space. I also tried a machine that gives the simulation of how it feels like to ride in a rocket when they go to space and go back to earth. It cost me 2 SGD but it was worth it. I got dizzy because this machine involves intense and quick rotations.



Future World: Sketch Aquarium

One exhibition that amazes me is an exhibition that turns your drawings alive. Well, not literally. So like, there are papers with templates according to the theme. I was doing the sea creatures theme. The templates provided are fish, octopus, squid, etc. Then we decorate the template as much as we want – they provided us crayons. After that, we put each of our drawings into a scanner, which only takes about 10 seconds or so. Then, there’s this big screen showing an under-the-sea environment. Then the creatures we created will show up on the big screen, swimming around as if they’re real sea animals. This one is rather interesting for me and I scanned several times to make a school of fish LOL



There’s also this small boxes that change¬†color and children could play with them! But most of them were charged so I just took a picture. It looked cool, though.


YES it was an interesting experience. Finally, I went to an exhibition after becoming an ADM student for 1 semester!

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