Self Portrait – Final


After the feedback from last week’s session, I decided to change my style into a more Tim Burton-ish style. His illustration is cartoony but representing twisted and dark feeling from it, which I think would be suitable for my concept.


Some of these drawings are not drawn but Tim Burton, but these are the kind of style that I’m going for.


Final Piece

After a lot of struggle using wacom (lol), here’s my final piece.


I gave lot’s of dissolving textures on this piece to make it more child-like, such as using crayon. Also I use vibrant red color to represent death/regret. I think I would name this piece as ‘guilty’, since that’s the whole concept in the first place.



I had fun the whole time I drew this piece, it is interesting. I’ve always go for a disney cartoon style but this is the first time I tried to draw something beyond my comfort zone. Dark illustrations were rather interesting and fun to do, now that I’ve tried it. I like the fact that I don’t need to use lot’s of color pallette for this one. And it’s also fun to try to represent my inner self (especially the bad ones) in an illustration.

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