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Yay finally I’m back at OSS! And I’m back for the Illust for Designers module 😀

So, the first project as you can see is called “Self Portrait”. We’re required to make our own self -portrait but in a stylized way. The teacher asked us to draw each other’s faces to get a grip on drawing faces and here’s what I did.



After that, I tried to do a research on what part of me that I want to portray in my illustration. So I listed my traits and some ideas that have work for the trait that I listed. And I also do some research on some artists.


Laura Browers (Cyarine)

She an artist from the Netherlands that often draws self-portraits. Her art style is rather semi-realistic. I love her art style when she draws self-portraits because they tend to be cartoony than realistic. And honestly, I’m not good at drawing realistic proportions, so I want to go to cartoon direction lol.



Lynn Nguyen

Ok, I just have to say that her works are AMAZING. I love her style, which is rather dark and enigmatic. The twisted vibe makes her works so mesmerizing. Especially the minimum use of colors. I would love to try her style for portraying my negative traits.




I tried on some styles and some drafts for the illustration. Most of the styles are disney inspired tho.




Also was contemplating two ideas. Which is to show my ‘messy’ trait, or my ‘regretting’ trait. I have ideas for both. For the messy one, I was thinking to draw me with my messy hair (I’m born with a crazy hair fyi) and my messy stuffs sort of tangled in my hair. Pretty straightforward.

For the ‘regretting’ one, it is me choked by the strings of balloon. It’s about me who loves to have too much fun and always ended up sacrificing something. So the balloon is the embodiment of the fun things and the strings attached to my neck showing that I’m still holding onto the fun. However the strings are choking me, showing that I sacrificed something (in this case, myself) to keep on having fun.

Till next time!



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