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Neighbourhood Explorer – Process and Final Outcome

First of all, the colors. The four main colors are pink, blue-ish turquoise (?), white, and brown. But, for the brown color, it’s more for the foods, because most desserts I feature are all brown. First of all the characters. I thought a lot about this one. I was thinking to make two characters, one guy and one girl. But… Read more →

Curating Self

The object that I choose for this task is my cardigan. Why I choose this object is because I think this object kind of represent me. It’s flexible, multifunctional. Cardigans could be used either at hot weather or cold weather. It protects you from sunlight or cold atmosphere. But, sometimes in life, hiding is not the best option. The place… Read more →

Gratifying Strife

Since I came to NTU, the SRC’s basketball court somehow become a place that has a special meaning to me.¬†Every week, I always look forward to go to the basketball court. Stepping inside the basketball court somehow makes my problems fade for a second. My mind is filled with excitement. Basketball is a sport that you can’t play without passion.… Read more →

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