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Entopic Graphomania

For our first lesson we had an activity called Entopic Graphomania. It was my first time doing it. It really challenges the ‘perfectionist’ side of me wanting my work to be perfect and not defects. However, this activity focuses on the imperfection in a work that can be turned into something perfect! And also input from others could change the outcome of something.

The final outcome of my Entopic Graphomania drawing surprised me when it turned out looking like a BAT.


Draw the shapes!

The first activity we did in class for the second week. Forming shapes based instructions given. It is interesting to see how everyone has a different outcome and understanding of the questions.

15 mins Portrait 

The second activity we did was a 15 mins portrait of a partner in class. It is to really focus on our partner, look them in The Eye and sketch them out based on what we see. I was lucky that I had 2 person drawing my portrait. It was really interesting the different illustrations produced by every single one of my classmates.



Assignment 1 research and ideation

For Assignment 1, I started with an Interview with Vanessa and understanding more about her likings and fear. Here are my questions for her:

  • What sparks happiness in you?(can be more than 1 object/activities/moments)
  • How would you describe yourself in a word? And why.
  • What is your biggest fear/what are you afraid of?

Based on the interview I decide to focus on things that sparks happiness in us.

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