Art Science Museum Visit

Transfigurations, 2013

This work is sculptures of babies that are modified physically. The sculptures looked real as you can see the flash and skin of the baby being modified. When I first saw the work, I knew it must be something about baby modification as I slowly observe the differences of each baby. I was horrified by the modification made. I felt sorry for them. The choice of making the sculpture as real as it can, really affect the viewer more. , However,  I didn’t know what was the reason behind the modification until I read the descriptions. Its a modification that is able to bring benefits for the baby in the future, however, it is deforming the kid permanently physically. The main question stated on the wall beside the work was ” Should parents be allowed to choose their children’s genetic traits?”. As I further read the different benefits I slowly start to see the reason behind the work.


Self-Hybridation, Entre-Deux (Self- Hybridization, In-between), 1994

This is a work of lightbox digital photography. When I first saw the work, I totally have no idea what is it about. It only reminds me of an exorcist scene in a horror film. I was curious and confused. I slowly take my time and observe the work more and then I noticed the different layers of images there is in this work. Clearly, we can see another lady behind. Why are they layered? What is the reason for this? I then proceed to read the descriptions to answer all my questions. It is a portrait of a lady who underwent a series of ‘plastic surgery’ digitally to achieve the ideal of female beauty as depicted by the male artist. A chin of Botticelli’s Venus, the nose of Jean- Leon Gerome’s psyche and many more characters that have different stories related to them. Maybe if there was a title something like “Perfect lady” / “Am I pretty already?” would help me in understanding the work first without reading the descriptions.