Bel Canto: Presentation 2

Song Title // Someone Like You (Adele)

Performed by //  Koh Ke Tian Katie (U1431157C)

Self Evaluation // This was such a great experience for me as it was my first attempt to sing in front of a big crowd. Definitely was a nerve-wrecking moment and thus, looking back at my performance, i felt that during the first line of the verse, my voice was pretty shaky. However, after a while, I felt more confident on stage and could manage to sing the piece comfortably. Overall, I really enjoyed myself and i think it is great that everyone in class is so different in terms of the singing style, strengths and weaknesses, which enable us to learn from one another.

Author: Katie Koh Ke Tian

Product Designer

9 thoughts on “Bel Canto: Presentation 2”

  1. Hey Katie,

    Great song choice! I thought you brought out the feels of the song incredibly well, especially throughout the verse. I felt there was great improvement too from your first presentation. The key you selected, if i am not wrong -2 of the original key, was optimal for you too!

  2. Hi Katie! Your singing techniques and performing confidence have really improved a great deal since we last heard you in Presentation 1. This is an excellent song choice to showcase your rich tone (middle to low notes), and you have great sense of rhythm. You were very stable throughout the piece, and your transition from low to high notes was handled well. As you have pointed out, nerves is something we should all work on. Some notes in the chorus were flat so perhaps like me, we can both work on further immersing ourselves into the song and “forget” the audience to focus on what we are trying to express. There were no memory slips or lapses, and your tone quality was very even across the piece.

  3. Hi Katie! Good song choice to showcase your mastery over the groove and rhythm. You were really consistent throughout the song and your pitch and tune were on point. Your diction and articulation was also handled well and I could clearly hear you. You also brought out another feel for the song with your lighter voice and I really enjoyed your performance!

  4. Hey Katie,

    Great performance I think your voice type really suits this song. Although you were nervous at the start but I think you nailed the performance when you started to get more confident somewhere in the middle part of the presentation!! Overall was a really good job and would love to hear more Adele covers from you I think your voice really suits her songs!! Haha all the best for your singing journey Katie!! Cheers.

    – Keith

  5. Hey Katie, this is one of my favourite songs from Adele and I think your vocals really suit this song! You were pretty composed on stage and you have such a rich vocal quality! Perhaps due to the nerves on stage, your chorus was slightly pitchy, but your rhythm and tempo was on point throughout! Overall, great performance and I really like how you varied the dynamics throughout the song, which brings out the emotions of this song so well! Keep on working on your vocals and I am sure you will be a promising singer with your own unique singing style!

  6. Hey Katie:) I feel blessed to be idolised by you, but know that i am one of your fan too;-) I love your singing style, you added a lot of personal flavours to it and i really appreciate that level of originality which makes you stand out a lot, and i liked it. Your tone quality is even throughout the song and its well supported, and i think you used the mic stand really well to achieve that stability. Your pitching has improved a lot too! Though this song is challenging, you overcame it with ease through belting which we learnt in class. You have really good annunciation on the english words too. Also, i think you must have practiced many times because the rhythms, pitching and stage presence were all on point. Overall, your performance was excellent and i loved it;-)


  7. Hey Katie, brilliant song choice! Your choice of song was well-suited to your vocal range. Your breath support and articulation were on-point throughout the song! I liked how you remained composed on stage,  as you exuded confidence and grace. Your rendition was a  lovely take on an Adele classic, and I absolutely loved it:) Overall great job! Keep it up!:)

  8. Katie!! You sounded really amazing for this song!! Despite lacking some breath support at some parts, overall this is a cool performance that you had put up on stage. There is so much character from the way you sing this song and how you pronounce those words. The uniqueness in your voice will draw in your audience and I am really excited to hear how you would sound in other songs especially in other languages as well. Continue to sing and be confident about it because that’s how great you are. Lovely as always! ???

  9. Hey Friend! Good job!! I’m so proud of you. You went up and confidently performed the song, The tone quality was very even and consistent and you even injected your own style by having a slight vibrato and the end of your sentences. I think you improved a lot from your first assignment and it is reflected in your vocal techniques.

    Thanks for taking the mod with me. Let’s continue singing to cope with our final sem! 😉

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