Bel Canto: Presentation 2

Song Title // Someone Like You (Adele)

Performed by //  Koh Ke Tian Katie (U1431157C)

Self Evaluation // This was such a great experience for me as it was my first attempt to sing in front of a big crowd. Definitely was a nerve-wrecking moment and thus, looking back at my performance, i felt that during the first line of the verse, my voice was pretty shaky. However, after a while, I felt more confident on stage and could manage to sing the piece comfortably. Overall, I really enjoyed myself and i think it is great that everyone in class is so different in terms of the singing style, strengths and weaknesses, which enable us to learn from one another.

DG9005 Presentation 1 – Bel Canto

You and I by Lady Gaga

Name: Katie Koh Ke Tian (U1431157C)

Group: Bel Canto / Friday Class

Self Evaluation: I think there is definitely lots of room for improvement. I can start practicing my pitching and do more vocal exercises in resonance to improve on my singing. Overall, I enjoyed this exercise a lot and I have learnt a lot from my other group members as well 🙂