Week 1 Assn Part 3: Choose two objects that you use every day and analyze their design

The two objects that I choose are namely, a muji stapler and clamshell packaging. While the muji stapler exemplifies a good design, the clamshell packaging, on the other hand, represents otherwise.

The first object that I choose is a stapler from muji, that I use almost every day. (seen in picture below)


Firstly, I think that stapler as a tool or stationary is itself, an “inevitable form”. It is a good design because it is simply an intuitive object. With its small opening that mouths an invitation for paper and its smooth handle that offers a satisfying punch, it is clearly an object that no users would ever misunderstand how to use it.  On top of this, the muji stapler is also compactable, making it easy for storage. The clean, sleek outlook of the muji stapler displays values of honesty and simplicity. All in all, I believe that supernormal designs like this, will go a long way to be the most beautiful design.

The second object that i choose is a clamshell packaging as shown below.


As a user, for as long as I can remember, I often encounter problem when it comes to opening a clamshell packaging. First of all, the hard plastic cover is way too tough to be opened with bare hands. Hence, users would definitely require sharp tools like a pair of scissors to assist in the opening of the plastic cover. (Ironically, there are times when the object inside the clamshell packaging is a pair of scissors) Most of the time, one would notice that even with the help of the sharp tools, it would still take a great amount of tedious effort to cut the tough plastic cover. Once the user has successfully managed to cut the plastic cover apart, the next issue face is when one tries to retrieve the object out from the vacuum-packed “enclosure” within the plastic cover. This process not only requires a considerably large amount of effort and time, sometimes, it might even be rather “hazardous” as the sharp ends of the tough plastic cover could cut the user’s hands. Therefore, for many reasons, I think that the clamshell packaging is a bad design. In order to resolve this issue, I would probably suggest in the change of material. Instead of using a tough plastic material like the conventional ones, it would be better if it is replaced with “softer” plastic types or even rubber. This would make it easier for users to open the packaging. Alternatively, I notice there is clamshell packaging in the market that includes a “clip” at the opening, which is a considerably good solution too. Ultimately, while the primitive function of a packaging is to protect its content, it is also important that the user is able to unwrap it easily too.



Author: Katie Koh Ke Tian

Product Designer

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