Finding self with self portraits☆その2


After that first round of photo taking and discussing with Prof Vladimir, I realised that the photos didnt resound to me. They did not portray the emotions that i wanted and it didn’t show “self portrait”.

I still wanted pooh as my main object that will represent me. Hence this time i took a darker approach and played around with the natural lighting and silhouette. I realised that it was still the loneliness of being a only child that resounded more and i wanted to portray that.

acting with pooh


I loved the evening lighting that shone through the windows and how the light falls onto the pooh. 


viewing in Pooh’s POV? at the same time, showing his scars.


What are we always looking at?


me/pooh. looking at the source of light, the end of the dark tunnel?


i like how the unfocused effects came out. staring at something too bright will cause us to lose sight of our goals.


Finally seeing whats behind that source of light.



This set of photos told(?) a story much better than the first time. however, they were all similar and only looking at one direction. even though i like the lighting, it is considered boring and it would make it as a set of photos.

After another consultation session with Prof,  I realised that being stuck at home isnt the way to do this. TIME TO GO OUT AND GET SOME PICTURES!

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