Finding self with self portraits☆その3


Finally, after the first 2 rounds of photos, i guess that i got a clearer picture of what I wanted. Prof gave a very valuable suggestion on how i should be in the photo with pooh (which i tried to avoid alot in the previous rounds). I guess this was the best way (for now) to show the connection between me and my pooh. The different expressions that he can make, and using this, I selected the theme of “daily life”, which i suppose it will shows me, for what i do and who i am.

a rough plan on what to take

a rough plan on scenes to take

With me finally stepping out of the house, the photos that i gathered in the end was a humongous amount (>1000 photos!!!!) I am not kidding.

In a public environment, and doing weird things like buying and eating ice kachang with pooh is bound to get many weird stares and comments throughout the session. It caused quite a little commotion with me taking these photos in a quite crowded kopitiam and the stall owners were all discussing about it. I have to explain to all of them that this is for my assignment. It is indeed embarrassing at first but when i was just focusing on how to get the pictures that i want, the surroundings didnt mattered to me anymore. The only thing worrying was if the management would chase me out of the place.

What i wanted initially was a 2 view of things. for e.g. POV of me & POV of pooh. some scenes were suited for this but some werent. Alot of photos got filtered out in the end. (PICKING 12!!!! from the 1000). This was a pretty great achievement for me XD

Some photos that might have made into the final 12:

20150825_205442-min 20150825_210731-min 20150825_212830_001-min 20150825_214207-min 20150825_215105(0)-min 20150825_215429-min 20150825_215914-min


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