Mary had a Little Lamb



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Mary had a little lamb,
His fleece was white as snow,
And everywhere that Mary went,
The lamb was sure to go.

He followed her to school one day,
Which was against the rule,
It made the children laugh and play
To see a lamb at school.

And so the teacher turned it out,
But still it lingered near,
And waited patiently about,
Till Mary did appear.

“Why does the lamb love Mary so?”
The eager children cry.
“Why, Mary loves the lamb, you know.”
The teacher did reply.

Journey Idea two


Shadows of Journey.

I had these 2 ideas, one on shadows and one on birds. I didnt start on the shadows as i didnt know how to approach it. However, the idea struck me as i was on the way to a class with my father on a morning. I saw the shadows and thats it! I am going to do a stop motion shadow film. Instead of having the real me, what i want to show will be the shadow of me going to the different places, meeting friends and people. Looking at the shadows, we will become self conscious, it is also and journey of self searching. What we do are portrayed exactly by our shadows, there is no way to hide.

The music is an experiment if i can put this kind of music with my image (i am not sure how well it is working?)

The one without sound

I am not too sure how to end the film though… all suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated! I am also struggling to choose between this and the birds (ŏ﹏ŏ。)

And i present to you…. My Final Lines


Final Installation of my Assignment one20150911_135825-4 copy

Other than each of the individual lines, i also focused on the overall flow and presentation of the lines. I made sure that none of the lines that look similar are close to each other. From my final submission, some how out of subconscious, all the lines are connected and they seem to flow in a circle(wonder if anyone can notice that), it is like how i mentioned, no matter what emotions, they are all linked to one another.


Individual Lines Analysis 

All the emotions are written, or should i say hidden among the lines. To me, words are made up of lines too, they should be part of the line, not a separate existence.


Embarrassed – being embarrassed feels like you are shying away from something, but it feel embarrassed, it is actually a very strong feeling. Hence the mix of the initial faint(shying away) but it gradually transforms into the strong feelings (dark hard lines) behind it.

This is done on a transparency sheet, and i have purposely let the inked part exposed, like how after we exposed ourselves, we might feel embarrassed.

Method: Pushing and pulling and swirling the transparency sheet on the stained/remaining ink on the glass tabletop. Some parts are diluted with water while some parts are kept as it is.



Nonsensical – “having no meaning; making no sense” From the weird lines and shapes on the left to a sudden deep dark right side with random spots. It shows how many different feelings can appear together. If this is not nonsensical, what is?

Method: Mono printing with a branch of dried leaves and small flowers. Didn’t know what to expect but interesting weird results. The leaves (left side) even created prints that look like human legs.



Ambiguous – Why is there a boomerang? Why are there small different lines? Are they Lines or scratches? What is that giant flash of light? What are the lines at the bottom? Tons of questions ask when we are feeling unclear. Even after asking them, they are still not solving the question, hence ambiguous

Method : Mono Printing



Fragile – A thin line, but never a complete line. Even something complete can be broken (the top line) and even if u look strong, there is no “perfection” there might be parts that are slowly fading away and falling apart


Awkward – 届けたいけど届かない。(wanting to reach it but you can reach it) This was the immediate first feeling when i saw this line. The feeling of wanting to venture into new areas(the dark bottom part) but u feel weird and awkward, hence stopping somewhere even before reaching it

Method: Multiple mono printing with masking tapes



Sloven – Being lazy. Everything feels cluttered and confused, in a pile together. Not caring what happens next

Method: Monoprinting with Garden String. Love this effect this particular string gave as compared to the usual strings.



Distracted – Am i suppose to be drawing lines or making splatters? Which direction was i suppose to go again?

Method: Splattering of chinese ink randomly and and it drip. Adding lines using glass deco ink after that.



Psychotic – It felt like the weird black and white images that we will see if we went crazy. Random parts of flashbacks all compiled together in one. Who wouldn’t go crazy?

Method: Monoprinting using a small roller and…..?



Turbulent – Hard, direct, straight on strong feelings that comes to be like waves and from many many directions. Crisscrossing of emotions. Everything crushing onto me/ the center. feeling the center of the turbulent waves

Method: Brushing of chinese ink using the dusting brush.



Indecisive – Choosing Paths. When are are 2 paths for you to choose, which will you choose? Even after you choose, what will be the end? Throughout the path, there are many little obstacles (lines), how do i decide?

Method: Monoprinting with scrunched and rolled up kitchen towel!



Bizarre – What are the tingly things? Is some new breed of vine monster sprouting out from the ground?

This is one of the magical effect created again by the garden strings. I was immediately certain that this feels bizarre to me and it is one of the earliest emotion that i have choose and decided upon.

Method: Monoprinting with Garden strings



Sensual – Yeah it feels good

Method: Monoprint with crushed pieces of paper



Exhausted – When I feel exhausted, it feels like the whole mountain is coming down crushing on you. This is how it feels like for me

Very much inspired by Alexander Cozens who use random marks to create landscape. If you flip it around u will see a mountain range

Method: Collaging different pieces of crushed paper left from monoprinting.



Systematic – Whats more systematic than repeating and doing the same action over and over again?

Method: This is done by pressing down and making mark on the whole A3 paper, without dipping the brush back in for ink again, hence creating the gradient effect.



Anxious – Being trapped and lost in a maze. The prints look like a huge maze to me. The sides that look like exits are not, what are they? When we are lost, we will get anxious, hence this emotion. 

Method: Monoprint with kitchen towel. Crush and place them randomly, let the ink and towel do the magic!



Lyrical – “Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha” The anime series that i love ever since i watch it. My mind was filled with the image of magic casting circles and transmutations. I focus on the magical feel.

Method: Varying strength of sqeezing the glass deco ink out of the bottle (since my hand will run out of energy) the zig zag lines magically created, and also the wonderful line weight. It feels like how lyrical magical musical rhythm, doesn’t it?



Spontaneous – What gets more spontaneous with high energy splatters and lines on the whole paper?

Method : this was actually the third or fourth monoprint. I liked the lines and effects, didnt what to waste it so i added blotches of inks randomly using a twig and pressed it down with the giant roller. It was really spontaneous when i am doing it, simply feeling the flow and energy of my work.



Aggressive – The very strong emotion. Strong waves. Hard direct truth.

Method: Confident brush strokes in one direction. I love the energy that was presented to me and it felt like what aggression should be like.



This whole process started out unsure, confused about what was I supposed to do. However, the “blind churning out of works” evolved when more works are created and after i done proper research. As i went on this journey, everything become more clear. I was doubting what i had created would make its cut, but after finally completing everything, I was proud (at least a little) of what i have created. This has help me to venture into areas where i would not have gone into previously. I started to appreciate the different styles each different artists have, and how to use this knowledge in my works.

Thank you for following me throughout this journey.

Final Lines Work-in-progress 4: When one table is not enough, use 2


FINALLLLYYY i am almost there! After i got most of my lines settled, i worked to confirm the emotions once again. I felt that this was a better way for me as I didn’t only want to see the lines as a single thing. I wanted all of the 4 panels to flow like how emotions are all related to each other and turn into one another.


I tagged each lines to the emotions, by feeling how it comes across to me and also little notes to why this particular line suits this emotion



I purposely didnt want to cut the lines into the correct size or stick them down to the frames until i am completely sure that that is what i wanted. I wanted to have the freedom to keep changing and finding the arrangement that i like.

With the bird’s eye view of everything,i will know what worked and what didn’t. I didn’t like the current lyrical, but i like the medium (glass deco ink) but the lines made here didn’t resound to me as lyrical, hence i went to make a new one.

Feels more lyrical now, isnt it?

Feels more lyrical now, isnt it?

One collage that i really like

One collage that i really like ^^


Once i have more or less confirm the postions of the lines in each panel, its cutting time! (It was such a challenge to cut them as I was afraid that there would be something wrong or i might see something better after i cut) However, i guess this is also part of the process, learning to accept what I have done and also be brave.


My first cut.

AND ITS DONE!!!! it may look like a simple process but the cutting and placing them at the correct position took me so long ;A;

AND ITS DONE!!!! it may look like a simple process but the cutting and placing them at the correct position took me so long ;A;

And next post will finally be the long awaited final work!!!!!! YAY /o/

Final Lines Work-in-progress 3


For my approach, i have decided to look through all my works and see which parts would fit or might be suitable for certain emotions.

20150907_223635-24 copy


After identifying the parts that i want to use, I put them within the frame to see how they will look as a whole。


These are the initial placement of the lines. There are changes of the kind of lines and placement of lines while i am working on it.


I know that if i were to put this, i would not be able to put these 2 panels together as the 2nd row lines are too similar. I will need to make the changes and arrange them in a different way

I laid all of the panels down on the floor and started sorting them out. Will change the lines which dont look appealing or clashing with their neighbours.

20150907_222912-18 20150907_222956-19 20150907_223402-21 20150907_223504-22 20150907_223517-23

I focused very much on how each board looks and wanted everything to flow. This is just one of the many times i tried to rearrange the lines. ^w^


Final Lines work-in-progress 2


These are some of the monoprint materials leftover that i used. Thought they would make interesting lines and variation too.


I love the gaps that were created inbetween


They were messy if it was place as the lines directly. I scaned them in and the lines look wonderful


trying out to see if i can collage in the kitchen towels into the shapes


I also tried cutting out the kitchen towels in pieces to collage them into a line





This is the piece of plastic that i used as a base for the monoprinting ink. And i thought why not? let me make something with this too. So i crushed the plastic and did scratching and swirls on it. The result wasnt as good as i predicted it might be, but it was a good experiment

20150912_210607 copy

And of course, i will need to print it on paper. it was printed without any rollers, I simply used my hands to press the ink down

While i was placing the lines, i also suddenly had an idea of scratching the paper with a needle.



Scan 6

It was on a small piece of paper as i wasnt sure how it would turn out

20150912_205945 copy

and i decided to try it on a full A3 size paper. The marks above were made when the paint is not completely dry, I liked that effect better compared to the ones that were made after the paper dried completely (bottom)


Journey video draft


Journey of Birds


I have this idea of filming the journey of birds, the journey of them surviving in this city life. This is a compilations of several clips that i took without much editing…yet. I wanted to show their daily life and also how they congregate and go through journey of their daily routine? Since birds do always go back to the same things. It seems like they kind of have a fix programme in their body?

Additional footages (which i will upload soon):

_Orchard street, flying home

_Love birds, pigeons

_Morning, all gathered at one place

//Needs some serious help here(ŏ﹏ŏ。)//

Final Lines work-in-progress 1


With the frames cut, its time to see what fits into the emotions and the lines. 20150906_232516-2

Trying out the collaging method, i had this monoprint with random shapes, i thought it would be good to collage them. I cut them out in different shapes and fixed them like a puzzle with different pieces!



20150906_234015-5 I combined them by joining the edges of the different shapes! and they fit!



Testing to see how the line will work with the frame


Had trouble choosing which part of the artwork to be framed up as all looks so interesting


When in doubt, lay all out!

20150907_001005 (1)-10

Another way of collaging the lines?

Collaging is fun as it allows us to look as our works in a different perspective and often, i will find very interesting results

Preparing for the final cut





Deciding what the is size of the strip that should be used. A longer that on that can show the length and probably the “story and flow”? or the thicker one that can show more content?


brooding over which dimensions to choose


A test that i did with brush pen to for me to decide what size to use


If the longer strip is chosen, many of the lines would require collaging. Making the lines look like it is a complete line without a crack would be an interesting puzzle


i tried combining  2 paintings into one. Creating invisible lines?!

After much deliberation, I have decided to use the thicker one as I wanted to show most of my content in one box. Many of my lines can be shown better with a bigger width as compared to the long version.

After deciding the final size, it is time for cutting! The precise measurements and cutting took way much longer than I expected. I did a round of measurements in school and continued the night back home.


Rulers of multiple size and materials for that accurate measurement. So glad that i have the super long metal ruler.


The final window frames! with them collaged together, they work as a line too, don't they?

The final window frames! with them collaged together, they work as a line too, don’t they?

With this, time to start working on the final arrangement!