Artist in action


One of the artist that impresses me the more i know about him is Jackson Pollock.






These are the works that i really like from Jackson Pollock. The depth and the movement that can be seen from these random lines. I will definitely try this.


i like these simple, flowly lazy looking lines


the splashes is definitely something that i will try to include within my creations


they look like cute little spirits dancing


Other than the very dense pieces like above, these were a series that caught my attention too! Its not very complicated but with this limited amount of strokes and splashes, the effect and emotion that is created is very impactful.

While reading the interviews found in “Jackson Pollock Works|Writing|Interviews”, i found something very useful.


It is regarding the technique he uses to create some of this art.


The way different papers work is something that I need to considered too.

The sentence he said that hit me really hard.And something that i feel that we should consider about.


“Painting is my whole life…”

Info from these 2 wonderful books:

20150901_185914 20150901_184345

-No Limits, Just Edges: Jackson Pollock Paintings on Paper organised by Susan Davidson

-Jackson Pollock Works|Writings|Interviews by Nancy Jachec

p.s. The featured image is a lovely photo of Jackson Pollock and his wife(Lea Krasner) in his studio.


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