Referencing is really important: Lines can be found and used everywhere?!


While i was browsing for books in the ADM library, I accidentally came across this artist, Antony Gormley. He is a British sculpture that has made a huge amount of interesting installations at many places.

I have mainly picked out his installations which are related to our project!


This is a series he made, showing the energy of a human possess. really love the “eplosive” lines

20150901_165954 20150901_170013-min 20150901_165833-min


Pictures taken from : Antony Gormley by Martin Caiger-Smith

More works featured on his website:

I didnt have a chance to use these in my project time time, but it is definitely useful for further projects and inspirations.

One thought on “Referencing is really important: Lines can be found and used everywhere?!

  1. Antony Gormley is one of my favourite artist!

    We do not have time now but please note when you are doing your Final Thesis Project ( in only 3 years:)) you will need to include following when having images 🙂 Now just have a look and slowly start building habit for it…
    •creator/designer/artist’s name;
    • title of work and/or brief description;
    • date (year of origination and, if relevant, further details for development stages);
    • materials (in reasonable detail);
    • dimensions (metric, usually height × width × depth);
    • venue/means of public access (with dates if appropriate);
    • location – public/private collection, geographic;
    • review/other literature/references (see standard protocols on recommended website).

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