Final Lines work-in-progress 1


With the frames cut, its time to see what fits into the emotions and the lines. 20150906_232516-2

Trying out the collaging method, i had this monoprint with random shapes, i thought it would be good to collage them. I cut them out in different shapes and fixed them like a puzzle with different pieces!



20150906_234015-5 I combined them by joining the edges of the different shapes! and they fit!



Testing to see how the line will work with the frame


Had trouble choosing which part of the artwork to be framed up as all looks so interesting


When in doubt, lay all out!

20150907_001005 (1)-10

Another way of collaging the lines?

Collaging is fun as it allows us to look as our works in a different perspective and often, i will find very interesting results

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