Journey Idea two


Shadows of Journey.

I had these 2 ideas, one on shadows and one on birds. I didnt start on the shadows as i didnt know how to approach it. However, the idea struck me as i was on the way to a class with my father on a morning. I saw the shadows and thats it! I am going to do a stop motion shadow film. Instead of having the real me, what i want to show will be the shadow of me going to the different places, meeting friends and people. Looking at the shadows, we will become self conscious, it is also and journey of self searching. What we do are portrayed exactly by our shadows, there is no way to hide.

The music is an experiment if i can put this kind of music with my image (i am not sure how well it is working?)

The one without sound

I am not too sure how to end the film though… all suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated! I am also struggling to choose between this and the birds (ŏ﹏ŏ。)

8 thoughts on “Journey Idea two

  1. Toby

    nice idea!! shadows are always fun to work with. i particularly like the shots with you and other subjects shadows in the frame, for instance the man riding the bike, that scene was nice!!
    maybe you should film more transition shots, like shots of shadows of objects and such without you in them, so have a lttle mix of diff types of shadows so its not just your shadow throughout. nice one again!

  2. Lea

    Hello again Gekkie-chan!
    The shadows idea is a good one too!! I love the shots that you got because the shadows were so clear and defined!
    Maybe you can get some photos of yourself interacting with objects and animals too!
    I actually felt that the transition was a little slow so I sped the video up and it seemed less jerky and flowed better! So maybe you could increase the frame transition:)
    (Also the music made me laugh HAHA it’s so cuteXD)

  3. Lin Chenyue

    Ohh this is a nice idea!! Shadow is always so mysterious. And your concept is interesting too but the bgm you used make the video so cheerful hahaha. Hmm…from my point of view it is still not very clear what you are going to do or where. Maybe you can mix something else in the shots of the shadows? The ending part when you meet your friends is exciting hahaha! : )

  4. This was a really cool idea but I agree with Lea regarding the speed. And it made me a bit dizzy while watching it but maybe if you increase the frame rate as she suggested? Anyway, good job! Personally, I prefer the version with the music because it makes it more whimsical.

  5. Priya

    Hey Gekkie, I’m gonna comment on both your idea here for coherency’s sake. I love both your ideas to be honest (but cute birds threaten to win me over). This one has a stronger concept or so it feels to me and I agree with Charmaine, do keep the music, I loved it! It gives it such a playful mood and the shadow’s journey’s a pretty cool idea.
    Regarding the birds, it would help like Lea said, to vary the shots. You have birds pecking at the ground, then maybe some flying, cleaning themselves/fluffing themselves up, and perhaps more variety unless you want to specify on pigeons. The sense of journey’s gotta be stronger for that one though, or perhaps right now it feels that way because it’s just a series of clips you’re still experimenting with. Either way, carry on with your shadows too! Stop motion takes so much patience and work ahaha great job! ^^

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