Project 3: Ego


To be honest, i was totally scared when i know that we are going to do this project.. Ego. meaning self-discovery, showing the others who I am. I have never really thought much about myself, and i felt that i am bad at expressing those ideas. After studying the references, i thought of doing the very literal narrative version of me.

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In order to come out with this, i wrote down a list of words and feelings that i would associate with myself.

The idea behind these boards are mainly “bird”, “japan” , “nana (my favourite singer)”

I drew the first line which was Nana+ bird = me!(in concert)

As I continue drawing, I had that idea of turning my bird into representing me. I found that idea to be cute and interesting so I went on doing the other boards doing that.

After consulting with Prof Ina, I do agree that this is too little for me as there are still a few weeks more to go, I should research more about what do i really want to do.

I have decided to use “Japan” as my main research theme and decide to find designs surrounding it.

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