Typographic Portrait : Initial Referencing


I was pretty lost when i saw the project brief, typography? and portrait? Does it refer to the ones using words and a portrait is formed? the examples were pretty interesting but i was still unsure of what i should be doing.

I decided to find out what are the interesting methods and presentation that interests me. Here are the references that I found.

From these primary search, there are things that interested me. Mainly: Nature,watercolour and cut outs! I will be trying out in this direction

3 thoughts on “Typographic Portrait : Initial Referencing

  1. Dear Gekki – examples are GREAT! you will be using paper cutting and you will be able to incorporate metaphors and simile of the cutout nature with representing who you are…now some practical issues …Please note that you have misspelled category
    Typography Portrait : Initial Referencing
    Should be Typographic Portrait
    and subcategory is Research :)))))

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