TP: Branches are complicated


With the idea I came up with in school, I went home and tried with the few ideas I had.


I sketched out the patterns of the tree branches on a A5 colour paper


Cutting out! Its the first time i am doing this


Create another layer? Framing?



20160201_012738-min 20160201_012740-min 20160201_014844-min

These drawing and precision cutting took longer that I expected it to be. However, the final results look interesting. I plan to prop and separate each layer with a thick tape so that there will be more depth between the layers.


Other than this, I also tried the “sharp blade leaves”


It did not turn out as good as i expected it would be. The problem for this was that i would need a accurate and exact type font so that it would not look amateur and unfinished.

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