TP: Getting inspirations from creating


After the first look and consultation with Prof Ina, I decided that the keywords for this project would be “nature” and “watercolour”.

These 3 are the ones that I found the most interesting and related from the pile of references that I found.

leaves,cut outs.

leaves,cut outs.

ice cream?! wow

ice cream?! wow (using the raw materials)

tie up with the water colour?

tie up with the water colour?

With all these references, even though I am still clueless, I thought it would be good for me to start on something so that I could kickstart the project and have an idea of what I want to do.

And so I went out of the house and collected a bunch of fallen leaves.


The first work i started with.. I splattered some watercolour over the leaves, trying to create the outline of the small leaves


The silhouette created of the leaves


Printed the ink on the leaves


I remembered the importance of the leave looking natural. I picked one with holes eaten by caterpillars and broken. I painted over it, hoping that the paint would seep through the holes and create a crisp outline


I wanted to try to create the effect like the first reference i found.. Cut my name out. I didnt want the letters to look exact, hence simple cuts are made. However, the letters became quite illegible. If these cuts were on paper, they might have work out much better.


I wrote “GEK” with glue and splattered torn leaves on it


The result: it stuck surprisingly well, didnt it? I like the “natural” feeling of these letters

These methods may work for small tests but if it were to be a proper submission, I think that it will look sloppy… Hence, off to find more new inspirations! However, i like the theme of nature and i will continue to stick with it for now!

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