TP: more new References


With my first round of trial and error, I decided that those are not going to make it. I went online and Pinterest to search for more inspirations related to nature!

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This got me interested in papercuts and tree branches. After brainstorming, one of my new ideas was to integrate branches and cut outs to form my typography. Other than the reference picutres i found above, I had been taking photos of trees the past few days, it acted as an inspiration trigger too, realising again how pretty and unique trees are.

20160118_124243-min 20160118_124250-min

Photos by me while taking the bus



My aim was to hide myself (my name) within the branches. It is going to be a layered paper cuts

What i plan to do is to reference the photos of the trees i took, to create a natural looking branches canopy.


Inspired by the first grass cutout. I wanted to change my chinese font to a grass looking with sharp blades


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