Week 4: Journal!


Team 1 presented on hindu temple, Sri Mariamman Temple in class today. The team did a great job in presenting their information. I like how simple and direct their slides were, which allowed me to understand the information properly. Being a singaporean, i am very ashamed to say that I did not know much about this temple until today. I would simply walk past the temple without thinking much about it or try to understand in. Through the group’s presentation, I was able understand the architecture layout for the temple and their traditional ceremonies like puja. I was able a get a further understanding about their culture. One thing that i find the most interesting is the way they conduct their ceremonies and about the “blessed food”. I think this is pretty similar to us chinese where we will have the blessed water from the buddhas. After praying and drinking the water, we will be blessed. It might just be an illusion but I find that it is calming for the heart which is why devotees choose to continue believe in their faith.

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