Rough essay plan


My very initial rough essay plan

Q1: What is Chinese Tomb art? Compare 2 bronzes from the Shang dynasty or compare 2 terracotta figures from the Qin dynasty.



-the year/when/what period

-what is chinese tomb art? What are considered tomb art.

-what objects are usually found?

-where is it found?

-some examples of it?

-prominent examples? Difference between royalty/rich ppl and normal ppl?





In this paper, I will be comparing 2 different terracotta figures.



-briefly introduce the tomb

-built by qin shi huang. His body resides there

used _____ppl to build

-there are 4? Sites in total

-how many terracotta figures in total.

-why did he build it. For his after life?


Comparision of 2 figures:


1st figure/ 2nd figure (separate para?)

-What is the use of the figures?

-who made them?

– A numbering system

-where is it found.

-visual analysis. What is it doing? What it look like it might be holding

clothing differences?

Rank differences?

Each pose look different from one another.

What is their rank?

Why so many? To build his transport and army to the underworld


Conclusion: ??



what kind of claim can be written for this kind of comparison essay?

the use of the warriors? However, this does look like a claim. There is no argument. the reason of why they are made?





3 thoughts on “Rough essay plan

  1. Sujatha Meegama

    *There seems to be something wrong with your posting–it keeps repeating itself.

    *Are you writing on bronzes or terracotta figures?
    *Your current claim is a plan: to find a claim, please choose two objects, then compare the similarities and differences. Then, look for recurring patterns or binaries (opposites).
    *there seems to be an idea lurking in your point about the tomb art of the wealthy and the poor. But, I don’t know if we have enough information about bronzes to make such a claim. They seem to all come from royal tombs…

    • Gekkie

      Thank you Ms Sujatha for pointing out my mistake, I have corrected the post already.
      I am planning to do on Terracotta warriors.

      So what I have to do now is to fix on 2 objects to continue proceed on the points?

      • Sujatha Meegama

        So, it looks as if you will have 3 body paragraphs. But, at this point, we don’t know whether you will address each object separately (i.e. have two separate body paragraphs). You can arrange a comparison essay in many different ways. You could also do a paragraph on similarities and another on differences. Anyway, to find your claim, choose your two objects and start comparing.

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