Revised Proposal



-What is chinese tomb art.

-about Qin dynasty (when Qin shi huang got his throne)

-short intro about Qin Shi Huang

– why did he plan to build this tomb

-the reason behind him about his placement of the tomb.


-The terracotta warriors pits are purposely placed facing the east, guarding the emperor against his possible “enemies”


  • overall introduction about this tomb. (56sq km etc)


Compare between a cavalry/infantry soldier (?) VS a entertainment figure.


One is created with more live,fluidity while the soldier has a more stoic position.

2nd para:

both are found in the pits, but in different pits.

Visual analyisis on the soldier

What is the use (the position in the army)

what is it doing

-they used different methods to make the figures look different.

With different hair and accessories



3rd para:

the entertainment figure: prominent difference.

Visual analysis.

Look lifelike instead of the stiff look

-have a sense of motion






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