New project idea


Group members: Gek, Raj, Pin, Son Tra


After some discussion and today’s lecture, our group have decided to change our visual respond to bijinga where not only in bijinga, many of the subject matter is females during that day. in the original bijinga, females are depicted shy, and not showing their face fully but having a sensual posture. however, they are still pretty well dressed. In our case, we plan to changing representation of women and perhaps with him having a bolder posture/expression in our modern context?


4 thoughts on “New project idea

  1. Sujatha Meegama

    Interesting–how have other artists responded to images of bijinga?

    When you say modern context, are you referring to Japan or Singapore?

    Curious: what was your original project?

  2. Sujatha Meegama

    Is there a way for your group to create a category so that all posts regarding your group is in one place?
    Otherwise, your team and I cannot see the train of thought.

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