Assignments & In Class exercises



Asg 1: Horizontal format in A2 size paper

Asg 1: Vertical Format in A2 size paper

Asg 2: Create large scale format of humans in different viewing angles


Week 3- In Class Studies for figures in perspective


Studying how the old masters draw their human figures in perspective and getting use to drawing angles that we are not used to seeing.

Week 6- In Class Study

Usage of different textures, tonal values, and edges to create an atmospheric environment.

Thoughts: Its hard to control the edges and keeping the overall picture coherent with the correct tonal values. Need to see shapes and connections better

Week 8 – Zoo Trip!


Week 3 Space Design Exercise


Combining interesting design from totally different spaces into one page. The shapes that we thought will be totally out of context and look weird will fit in somehow. As long as when we are drawing the new designs, we make sure that there are always interesting turns and leading lines for the viewer to follow around the painting, even if the perspective is wrong, we can still create a nice, “correct” looking image.

In Class Exercise:

Horizontal Long Format exercise

Vertical Long format exercise



Asg 1: Horizontal format on A2 size paper

Asg 2: Vertical Format on A2 size paper

Challenges while drawing: I find it challenging to lose what is not needed and keep the important shapes and lines in the drawing, hence it might end up being overworked and too much. the tonal design of the scene could be improved as they should compliement each other. I think my vertical one looks more coherent as one drawing compared to the vertical one. but the edges between each shapes could be improved.