Final Project


Final Images:

Sunny Street Scene. This is the first bigger piece I did in charcoal. I found that I am not familiar with the material (willow charcoal) and I have difficulty controlling them. This happens to my subsequent pieces as well. For this piece,  i really wanted the strong sunlight so i kept the street completely white and hard edges beside it to show the contrast and the change of light/shadow.

Morning Classroom:

I initially struggled with this piece quite a lot as my tonal ranges were all very similar. It doesn’t create any mood or atmosphere, everything just turns out flat. I know that i want the morning light to be the main brightest area, hence i toned eveything else down. However, now looking back, i think i can plan the area of tones more to give more variance and  make the image more interesting.

For this image, i tried to give interesting shapes to the trees to that the eyes will be led around the drawing. However, i think that the edges of certain parts of the forest could be even softer.

the challenge for this was to give the place a mood as the real place was a very well lit area. I did that at first, but similar to the classroom drawing, it flattens out the whole image instead. Following Woon Lam’s advice, i gave it a main “brightest zone and i set it to be near the counters. other parts of the scene will be toned down more.


Studies done at the cafe: finding the shapes and experimenting with different ways of creating an image. it is still a struggle for me to maintain them in big shapes when there are alot of things in the scene. I will still tend to draw them as objects, but i have to constantly remind myself that I have to draw in shapes and how all things are in relation.



Studies done to explore backlit effect and how the hard & soft edges work with each other to create the mood I want.

Studies I did for the atmospheric before the actual. these didn’t work out that well as the big shapes are messy and the tonal range wasn’t right.

Practice Sketch


Tried practicing the concept that we learned last Thursday. Sketched this while I was traveling home on the bus yesterday. It difficult to imagine and plan for the amount of space each section takes up and also the “correct” angle.