Ego: Final


Finally, after weeks of conceptualising and designing and drawing, my final ego up on the line!

Final composition

Final composition

Bird + Japan = Me

Straightforwardness – Restrictions = Freedom

Determined x Delibrate/not giving up = Bamboo, a symbol of ultimate resistance

Planting my dream (letting the seedling grow) + Preserverance (enduring the harsh winter) = Full bloom (thats when i can bloom finally and shine)

There are so many other things that i would love to include in this project, but there are limits to what i can put. What I have done is just one of the many aspects. Prof Ina suggested putting kanji characters over each, and i tried with one ^^

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.28.47 am Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 3.28.52 am

This project has made me learnt so many things, both technical and about myself. I didn’t believe that i would be able to so it at first, but i did it.

Final installation:

DSCF9215 small

Ego: Referencing


As mentioned in the previous post, I wanted to go into japanese designs but I dont really have a clear idea of which aspect about japanese design i wanted to go into. I decided to go to the library to get some inspirations and references. These are some interesting books that i have found.


this book really helped me alot in confirming the direction that i wanted to go due to its explanations of the patterns and symbols used. I love that and hence it become the anchor of my final designs

Really thankful for this book with the dedicate explanations, which helped me alot in understanding how the traditional designs are formed and composed.

20151122_232556-min 20151122_232526-min


The title of the book says it all. Japanese designs is really genius

Inside it, it is like a full museum of traditional design which greatly inspired me in my composition processes.

20151122_232438-min 20151122_232429-min 20151122_232406-min

20151122_232224-min 20151122_232303-min


some of his design works

While i was researching on japanese design, Tanaka Ikko’s name appeared very frequently in many searches. His designs are all very interesting and abstract, but they tell us so much.


I love how he managed to mix japanese elements into such simple designs.


After looking through these books, i knew what i wanted was to dive deeper into the traditional designs where they used in the olden days (and widely used now)

Other than the “visual” aspect, one of the other ideas was the usage of tangrams. I thought that it look like origami and it might be able to fit well into my designs.

These are some of the many research i have found about tangrams. Another reason why i wanted tangram was that it was made up of 7 pieces! which is also my favourite number.

4bbdafeb0e5c339b896d816b63ae034dmulti-walls360-tangrams-04 ScrambledEggSolutions

The designs tangram can have is really overwhelming and so interesting.

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And then, i have also found products and quilts that have the feel that i was looking for. having a giant main shape and designs within the shape.


Project 3: Ego


To be honest, i was totally scared when i know that we are going to do this project.. Ego. meaning self-discovery, showing the others who I am. I have never really thought much about myself, and i felt that i am bad at expressing those ideas. After studying the references, i thought of doing the very literal narrative version of me.

The20151029_234215-min 20151030_022909-min 20151030_022915-min

In order to come out with this, i wrote down a list of words and feelings that i would associate with myself.

The idea behind these boards are mainly “bird”, “japan” , “nana (my favourite singer)”

I drew the first line which was Nana+ bird = me!(in concert)

As I continue drawing, I had that idea of turning my bird into representing me. I found that idea to be cute and interesting so I went on doing the other boards doing that.

After consulting with Prof Ina, I do agree that this is too little for me as there are still a few weeks more to go, I should research more about what do i really want to do.

I have decided to use “Japan” as my main research theme and decide to find designs surrounding it.