Finding self with self portraits☆Final


Final installation of the series!


Installation on wall!

I felt that this was series of photos for me to portray who I am, and what I am. I am not someone who easily expresses my inner feelings out (even to the people closest to me). There seemed to be a gap between me and the other party, not one that is intentional, but unknowingly. As much as i want to express my true feelings or problems, it is always hard. After much thinking, one of the easiest way is to portray it through a proxy,in this case my pooh which has been by my side for so many years. Unexpected revelations and explorations through this short journey of self portraits.

Selecting the photos is one thing, deciding how to group and display them is totally another matter. For this installation, it is divided into 2 side, the first 3 (inverted L shape) as a group and the right L as another. The 3 of them flows as a group. the 2 photos on the last row are purposely place out of the perfect rectangle. It has that sense of being “drop out” and yet, with them, it completes the picture. My purpose is to make the viewer’s mind fill in the missing gap (which humans love doing). They function as a whole, as function well individually too.


the 4 that didnt get selected for the final

The final 12.



What u see on the outside doesnt necessary represent how i am truly feeling


love how this moment pooh and i has the same expressions //the main reason this was chosen into the final



the flow of action/human. foreground v mid v back. and pooh blends in seamlessly


VS symmetry

7-min8-min9-min10-min 11-min12-min

Thats all folks~ thanks for reading. Even though this assignment was brain wrecking(for me) and cause me a fever~ it was all worth it^^  for knowing myself a little better