Journey Idea two


Shadows of Journey.

I had these 2 ideas, one on shadows and one on birds. I didnt start on the shadows as i didnt know how to approach it. However, the idea struck me as i was on the way to a class with my father on a morning. I saw the shadows and thats it! I am going to do a stop motion shadow film. Instead of having the real me, what i want to show will be the shadow of me going to the different places, meeting friends and people. Looking at the shadows, we will become self conscious, it is also and journey of self searching. What we do are portrayed exactly by our shadows, there is no way to hide.

The music is an experiment if i can put this kind of music with my image (i am not sure how well it is working?)

The one without sound

I am not too sure how to end the film though… all suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated! I am also struggling to choose between this and the birds (ŏ﹏ŏ。)

Experiment is part of a Journey


I wanted to take photos of my travelling journey.

I was able to take the train from jurong east to tiong bahru today and i thought it would be good to start experimenting with some things. I really liked the “system” photo taking. What i did here was to take photos when i reach every station. As the journey continued, i realised that there were alot of interesting and pretty shadows caused by the sun and also the sun itself which integrated into my photo taking.

This video is a simple compilation of the photos taken.